Each year, hundreds of thousands of Networking Academy students from around the world learn the skills needed to build, design, and maintain networks. The program also opens up new career opportunities while meeting the global demand for network specialists. With 10,000 academies in 165 countries, the Cisco Networking Academy enables students to prepare for market-recognized certifications to enter careers in information and communication technology, cybersecurity and network automation. This allows students to develop foundational skills in these areas while gaining essential know-how for 21st century professions, including problem solving, collaboration and critical thinking.

Global Challenge

The rapid growth of networks has led to a global shortage of skilled professionals who can implement and maintain network solutions, particularly in sectors that rely on the network for economic development. At the same time, citizens need access to quality training and high-level employment opportunities to adapt to the global economy. The Networking Academy provides an answer to this growing demand for specialists and access to better career opportunities around the world.

Program Implementation

The Networking Academy is a perfectly tailored learning model that provides students with the fundamental knowledge in the field of information and communication technologies. They will then be ready for network design, development and management, with problem-solving, collaboration and critical thinking skills. Students participate in hands-on workshops and network simulations, developing real-world skills that will enable them to apply for the growing number of networking job opportunities around the world.

Global Partnerships

The Networking Academy uses a public-private partnership model to create "the world's largest classroom." Cisco works with educational institutions, nonprofit organizations, NGOs and community centers that provide classrooms, computer equipment and qualified instructors. Cisco provides instructors with online programs, virtual training tools, educational resources, training and professional development programs.

The Networking Academy prepares students for careers in information technology, continuing education and globally recognized certifications. They will be able to ensure the sustainability of networks, which are the backbone of the global economy.